Her truth

June 21, 2018

Her truth

The truth is she has been trying and trying... she keeps getting into some shit and then the only person she wants to talk to is you.

She misses talking to you, you were her safe space, you were her  peace.

She really misses it you know, being able to feel better with your kind words or jokes.

The truth is that she has to stop lying to herself, she didn't forget you, it has been a long time and she still hopes you will come back, because imagining her life without you is just impossible.

She misses the way you always knew how to make her overcome her problems. 

She knows how stupid and pathetic she sounds but she didn't only lost the love of her life, she lost her confident, her  best friend and the only person in the world that she really trusted. 

She lost all the strength she had to trust people, she started doubting everything and everyone. 

She blames you for her lack of confiance. 

She figures that someday she will finally accept that your love is dead, until then she'll have to live with the void you left inside of her. She will try to fill it with all the f*ck boys  she finds randomly, but let's be real that void will never be filled.

She thought she would stay with you "forever", there it is that misleading word again.


That's just a word we say in vain to make someone fall in love, that really never means anything. 

Nothing can last forever everyone knows that. But she wanted to believe it was true this time. 

She wanted to believe that you were different. You weren't.

She still finds herself remembering the little details. Your dimples when you smiled, your beautiful green eyes, the way you used to hug her. 

The thing she remembers the most is the way you used to look at her like she was the only person in the whole world. 

The way she always felt safe with you.

She made you a promise to never forget you, she will keep that promise

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