March 19, 2018


Today, it has been a year since you walked out of my life. Since then, I wrote the story of our relationship to get everything out of my system. I'm not gonna lie and say that everything is fine and that our breakup didn't hurt me, I'm not the lying type, I guess you were. 

A year, a million songs, a million thoughts, a heart broken and so many days wasted crying. The way you left, made me realize how little our "relationship" meant to you, I understand now why you were so distant. 

Realizing one year later that you actually met her one month before our breakup. I have to tell you that not knowing what went wrong has kept me wondering all this time... I just wanted you to be a man and tell me the truth. After everything how could you not tell me the truth? Didn't I mean something to you? Were your promises just wind? 

Well, I guess it's too late to have the answers to my questions. But, since you meant something to me, I have to tell you: I loved you for years, I forgave you everything and you still decided to hurt me. 

I'm finally realizing that I loved the idea of you, it has been a while since I stopped being in love with you.  I loved our past, I loved our love, our promises, our predictions. 
It was all an illusion, that's what it was, it was the most amazing feeling but when it ended... 

When I found out that 1 day after our breakup you were already dating, my heart simply stopped beating. I was devastated, I couldn't move, I stayed in bed crying for so many days...

I stopped trusting people, I waited so long for you to tell me you were sorry for breaking my heart.
You never had the guts to apologize, maybe you weren't sorry.

After all this time, I'm just glad you broke my heart, because by breaking it you made me realize who I am.
Since your departure, I found the true me, I discovered that I love adventures. I love going alone to new places, I love to write and I love myself more than anything in the world.

It might had take me a long time to figure it out but I'm so much better without you, I wasn't ready for a real relationship when we found each other. I was lonely and you were there when I needed.

By breaking my fragile heart you made me love being alone, spending time with myself doing whatever I want or just going on a solo trip. I'm lucky that you destroyed everything I got to rebuilt it in my own way, everything is the way it was supposed to be.

I wish you the best, this is me officially letting you go, have a good life.

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