March 04, 2018


My posts about my first solo trip are coming to an end. Florence was my fifth destination...

It was really hard to get a train to Florence. All trains were full so I had to take multiple trains. 
My first stop was Prato, I only stayed there for maybe 10 minutes so I didn't visited it.
My second stop was Bologna, and there I had to wait around 40 minutes to catch another train. So I visited a little bit, I even tried a vegan italian sandwich, I didn't really liked it, but at least I tried it. 

So after a couple of hours I got to Florence. For a change I started by going on a tour on the tourist bus, and then I went to the hostel and left my backpack to go explore. 

I took the tourist bus again, I was a little bit to tired to walk. I stopped at the beautiful sculpture of Michel-Angelo and enjoyed the amazing view. After that I stopped at some museums but since all the museums I wanted to visit were to full I didn't visit. I walked on the ponte vecchio, I shopped a little and bought some gifts for my friends and family. I put the coin in the sculpture of the pig's mouth  (it's kinda of a tradition if the coin falls into the hole you will have luck if not you won't), my coin didn't fell into to the hole.

I ate at an american diner, there were only old classic american songs playing and the waitresses were dressed as the waitresses in the 80s. It was a really good experience and I ate an amazing vegan burger.  

I stayed until dark to see Florence by night, and I saw an italian parade it was really impressive, I don't know why there was a parade but it was really beautiful. 
I only stayed one night in Florence so I didn't had much time to visit everything that I wanted, maybe next time. 

I have to say the views were just breathtaking, I really loved to go to Florence and I really hope I will go sometime soon again. 

If you want some tips on how to plan a trip or a trip to Italy let me know and I will write a post about it ;) 

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