January 09, 2018


As you may already know, I went on my first solo trip back in April and I went to some cities in Italy ( Genova ; Milan ; Verona ; ...)

Venice was my forth destination, I was super tired because of all the walking in Verona so I got up really late. I took the train and after a couple of hours I was in Mestre. I was lost I didn't know how to get to the place I was staying, I tried to ask the staff, but I was so crowed, so I went outside and tried to understand which bus I was supposed to take. 

I couldn't figure it out so I had to ask strangers to help me. After a couple of answers I finally got to the metro that was supposed to take me to the camping village. I was so stressed that I got on the metro without a ticket (the thug life), a few moments later I arrived. 

The camping was so crowed I tried to check-in, but they told I would have to wait until 2p.m so I left my backpack and got on the camping bus to go to Venice. 

When I got there I had no idea which way to go so I followed the crowd. I got a ticket to a boat tour. 
I tried to visited a little by foot, but the thing is I got lost I couldn't find the San Marco square or the boat, I didn't even tried to ask people, there were only tourists. 

So I gave up and went to a restaurant and ate a delicious meal. However, I was so surprised when I saw the bill I didn't know that I was going to pay that much, so my advice is make a sandwich before you go to Venice. 

After lunch I finally found the boat I did the tour and stopped at one of the islands. 
Murano, I walked and explored this beautiful island, I even got ice cream. After that I went back to the San Marco square, I explored a little more this time with a map (old fashion, I know).

I had a really great time, I stayed until dark, I loved this city really. I loved listening to a performer play the piano at the train station, I loved getting lost and mostly loved people kindness. 
Venice is so beautiful by night, I really loved it, it's so magical. 

Around 10p.m I took the bus and went to the camping village.
First it took me a long time to find my dorm, and when I did my key wasn't working so my roommate opened the door. 
He was a guy, I was alone in a dorm with a guy, at the point I was really scared I was already planning my escape. Turns out he was the sweetest guy ever, we talked for hours about school, travel, Venice, life. I had never had such an amusing conversation with a stranger before. I'm not gonna lie it was awkward at first and we kept wondering if someone else was going to join us, but once we started talking the awkwardness fade away. 
After a good night of sleep I got up really early and left for my next destination.

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