Ilha da Berlenga

December 04, 2017

Ilha da Berlenga & Peniche: 

Last summer I went to Portugal, I tried to visit as much as I could. So this year I decided to go to the amazing Berlenga island. 

Me and my family woke up really early and drove for a couple of hours until we got to Peniche. Once we arrived we chose one of the many boat tours to the Berlenga island.

Since the next tour was at 11am we explored a little bit of Peniche.  We took so many pictures even tough it was really cloudy. We went shopping and bought some food, because I didn't think that the restaurant on the island would have vegan options.

The worst and the most exciting part was the boat tour, there were so many waves and it was a little boat so it was really unstable.

To be honest I was super scared and those 30 min were hell. Once we arrived we looked for a spot to eat, and after eating me and my sister we went exploring, we hike for hours to see the Fort of São João Batista.

 We took some pictures and sat at a café in the   Fort. After that we had to rush back because we   had a boat tour to see the caves and fish and  learn a bit about the history of the island.

After the boat tour and a little bit of flirting with the tour guide we went to the beach, the water was so cold, we didn't stayed much time because we had to go back.

I had a really amazing time, I loved the hiking and the exploring, I hope to do it more often. The only thing I'm sorry about is the weather, maybe next time it will be less cloudy.

By the way if you liked this post go watch my Berlenga video ;) thanks !

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