Tv shows to watch now that they've ended

October 08, 2017

Tv shows to watch now that they've ended 

#32 The messengers

This tv show it's about a group of strangers that have been assigned the task of preventing the apocalypse. I loved this show even if it is religious, I like it, I'm not a religious person but I think that this show it's about much more than religion.

#31 Pitch

It's about the life of Ginny Baker, the first woman to play in the Major Leagues. We see her struggle as a woman in a team of guys, we see the team's reaction. It's about woman power, sex, appearances, love triangles, betrayals and of course baseball.

#30 Guilt 

It's about the murder of Grace's roommate. Grace becomes the prime suspect as the series goes on we discover dark secrets and the way her roommate died and the reason why she was murdered. We see Grace trying to prove she is innocent. It's about lies, betrayal, love and murder.

#29 Finding Carter

It's the story of a family who lost one of their daughters, Carter doesn't know she has been abducted, until she mets her true family, she moves in with her parents and her twin sister... but she is not happy, she vows to find the mother who raised her(Lori). On this show we see the struggles of Carter to accept her new life, the rules, high school, her parents and her twin sisters are the obstacles she needs to cross to be united with Lori.

#28 Wicked city

This tv show follows the life of a serial killer, interpreted by Ed Westwick mostly known as Chuck Bass from Gossip girl. Detectives make alliances with reporters and drug-dealers to solve this serial murder on the Sunset Strip. 

#27 The secret circle

I watched this show a long time ago, I loved it and I was so disappointed when they cancelled it... it's a really good show. 
It's based on the books of L.J.Smith, Cassie Blake is a teenager and after her mother died she gets sucked into a "circle" of eleven other witches. Together they protect the town. Cassie struggles with her powers and how to control them, with the help of the other witches she will learn how to use them. 

#26 Grimm

Nick Burkhardt is a detective, one day he learns that he is the last Grimm alive. He will soon know what being a Grimm actually means. He is now responsible for the protection of humans. He is a monster killer. If I'm being honest I didn't really liked it at first but I kept watching and fell in love with the characters. Give this show a shot ;)

#25 Eye candy

This tv show was so amazing, I quickly got hooked up.
 A New Yorker starts to go to a series of online dates to finally catch a killer, but soon she finds out that it's more difficult than she thought.

#24 No tomorrow 

It's about living everyday like it is your last. Every episode it's about one or more activities written on a bucket list. Evie is a boring manager, but then she met Xavier. Xavier is the unexpected he is always doing crazy things. The thing Evie doesn't know is that he only acts like that because he thinks the apocalypse is coming.

#23 The lying game

Two twins are separated at birth, Emma and Sutton; once reunited they decide to switch lives so they could search for their birth mother. But one day Sutton disappears and Emma has to decide if she will keep pretending to be Sutton or if she comes clean about the identity switch.
It's a great show Sutton and Emma have really different personalities and the secrets and plot twists are just mind-blowing.

#22 Beauty and the beast

Catherine Chandler is a detective she falls in love with an ex-soldier named Vincent Keller. Vincent faked his own death to protect himself so Catherine will help him stay hidden. Keller is hiding from a secret government organization that turned him into a beast.

#21 Reign

This tv show is about the life of queen Mary Stewart of Scots, her love story with Francis and her struggles as a queen in France.  She and her four ladies-in-waiting travelled to France to secure the engagement between Mary and Francis.

#20 When we rise

It takes place in the U.S and it shows the struggles of the LGBT people through the years. It shows the battles that many people fought for the U.S Civil Rights.  It shows mostly the struggle 4 individuals fighting for their rights: Cleve Jones, Roma Guy, Diane Jones and Ken Jones.
Each of their stories is different and reliable. Roma starts fighting for women's rights and she also tries to find safe places for women. Cleve firstly fights for gay's rights and then LGBT's rights, he takes part of some demonstrations but he will mostly fight politically

#19 Limitless 

This tv show is based on a movie of the same name. Brian Finch is a loser but thanks to a pill he becomes a total genius. This drug is called NZT and can make any loser a genius for a couple of hours. When the FBI's learn about Brian's capacities they make him an assistant to help solve crimes.

#18 Dead of summer

Dead of summer takes place on a summer camp. A group of young adults is responsible for the children. Weird things start to happen and what it was supposed to be a fun vacation turns into a weird and scary summer. Love stories, fun activities and a lot of killing and mysteries. 

#17 2 Broke girls

This is one of the few comedy series I watch, I love this show so much. I find this show so amazing because it is about much more than comedy, it's about friendship and the value of friends. In my opinion they use comedy to talk about real issues. 
It is about 2 girls, one has always been poor(Max) and the other one has always been rich but at some point she lost everything and now the only thing she can do is look for a job. She ends up at a diner. She starts working as a waitress alongside Max. The 2 girls will end up being friends and start living together. 

#16 11.22.63

This is a mini-series, it has only 8 episodes, but it is really worth watching. 
It's based on the book by Stephen King, that follows the journey of a high school teacher, Jake Epping, he has the ability to travel back in time. He has the power to change the past, more precisely the J.F.K assassination. He quickly finds out that it's hard to change the past and that what he does in the past affects his life in the future. 

#15 Breaking bad

After being diagnosed with cancer a chemistry teacher, Walter White, decides to start to cock meth with one of his former students, Jesse Pinkman to leave money for his family.
It's one of my favorites shows! 

#14 Frequency

It's 2016 Raimy Sullivan a police detective finds an old radio, and a weird thing happens she can actually talk to someone through the ham radio, that someone is her dead father, Frank Sullivan. Frank Sullivan died in 1996. They decide to work together to find out what happened and will try to change history, and they end up solving crimes together and trying to figure out their complicated relationship.

#13 Revenge

This show is in part inspired by Alexandre Dumas' novel The count of Monte Cristo; it's about a woman named Emily Thorne. She moves into a Hampton's town in order to charm her new neighbours; at the same time she is planning to make them fall for their sins committed in the past against her family.

#12 Stalker

Lieutenant Beth Davis is familiar with stalkers. She has a new partner detective Jack Larsen. Larsen has just arrived from New York's homicide division. The pair investigate the recent psychological abuse of aggressive stalkers in Los Angeles.

#11 Orphan black

This tv show is about human cloning. Sarah Manning was at a train station and out of nowhere saw her doppelgänger commit suicide. After that Sarah finds herself caught up in a deadly conspiracy.
I loved this tv show, it's mysterious and amazing, and the actress who plays all of the clones (Tatiana  Maslany) is extremely talented. It's just mind-blowing

#10 The O.C

I watched this show so long ago, but I loved the characters and the amazing storyline.
It's about Ryan Atwood a troubled teen.  The Cohen take Ryan in, and it upsets the other families of this rich community of Orange County. His arrival will change everything.

#9 Stitchers 

A woman is recruited by a secret agency to participate in an experiment. She is "stitched" into the minds of the dead. By accessing their memory and final moments they solve crimes.

#8 Star crossed

This is a futuristic show, on 2024 the aliens have landed on earth and live on camps outside of the city. It is forbidden for humans and aliens to be together, even though Emery and Roman fall in love...

#7 Witches of East End

It's about Joanna Beauchamp and her 2 daughters, Freya the wild-child bartenter and Ingrid a shy librarian. The 2 daughters ignore that they are all witches, and they also ignore that there is a curse.

#6 Hart of dixie 

Zoe is a New Yorker, one day she decides to accept the offer of a stranger. She is a surgeon in New York, but she moves to Alabama and joins doctor Breeland at his practice. When she arrives she learns that the strange who offered her a job passed away and left her half of his medical practice. She will struggle in this rural town, since she has always lived in a big city. She and Wade (the guy next door) will drive each other crazy. It's such an amazing show.

#5 Scream queens

This show has such an amazing cast : Ariana Grande, Lea Michele, Emma Roberts, Nick Jonas  and many more, not only that the show is just mind-blowing. It's about a killer on campus... I mean I can't even describe it, watch the trailer.

#4 Teen wolf

Scott McCall is a total normal student until one day he gets bitten by a werewolf and becomes one. He tries to kept his change as a secret with the help of Stiles Stilinski his sarcastic best friend.

#3 The vampire diaries

This story is based on the books of the same name, it's about 2 vampires and 1 human. Elena is human she lost her parents in a car crash, Stefan and Damon are vampires. Stefan felt in love with Elena, so did his brother. This love triangle will face a lot of trouble, but the tv show isn't only about that. It's about mythical creatures, friendship, sex, bloodlust, betrayal...
I find this show super addictive and I mostly watched it because of my OTP and Damon's humor.

#2 Pretty little liars

After the disappearance of their best friend, Alison Dilaurentis, the 4 girls distance themselves. Until one day they all receive the same text at the same time and it was signed by -A so they assumed it was Alison but at the same time they thought it was impossible. This tv show is about all of the secrets of the 4 girls and the mysterious vanish of Alison. They will do anything to keep their secrets buried.
One of the best shows I've ever watched.

#1 Gossip girl

This show is a "must-watch", it's about a group of rich kids, their friendships, their secrets, their mistakes, their struggles. This is one of my favorite shows I've watch it a thousand times, I never get tired of it. Gossip girl is someone who shares the secrets of the group with the public, but in my opinion that isn't the most important part of the show; their friendship and everything they do for each other is the most amazing part of the show.

Enjoy, and let me know if you liked my selection ;)


  1. Thanks for the list! I am always looking for that next show to watch. I will definitely use your list as input. BTW, Breaking Bad is one of my favorites as well!

    1. Let me know if you start one of the series ;) thank you for your comment

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