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October 27, 2017

First time traveling solo

Last spring I went on my first solo trip... It wasn’t plan to happen but my plans were crushed... I was going to see my ex-boyfriend, but he kinda broke up with me a month before my trip... 

So I had 1 month to improvise what I was going to do... I decided that the money I spent on the plane tickets weren’t going to waste.

Out of nowhere I decided that this was going to be my first solo trip. I decided to take action and plan my trip.

I don’t regret it. I’m glad he broke up with me because I lived the most amazing adventure. 
On less than 2 weeks I visited around 8 cities. 

I loved this experience so much that I already went on 2 more solo trips. 

I don’t know how to explain it but there is something about this freedom and taste of danger of traveling alone that really amaze me maybe it is the adrenaline or just my passion for freedom... anyway I loved my solo trips.

And of course there are dangers, on my first day in Genova a guy followed me until I found my way back to the main road, and at the moment I was more scared than ever... I believe it can be dangerous but we need to take risks.

I moved from city to city by train with my eurorail pass, and it was actually worth it to buy that pass. 
I stayed at hostels most of the time and there was only one hostel that really deceived me. 

Of course the best place was an apartment in Verona, this apartment was perfect, comfy, the shower was amazing and it was close to the city, and the best part was that there was a mall next to the apartment.

I booked everything some weeks before my trip on, it’s the only app I use for hostels, don’t worry I’m going to write a post about the apps I use for my trips. 

The most amazing thing about my trip was that I felt more alive than ever. 

I visited everything I wanted, I appreciated the amazing landscapes. I tried new things, I walked a lot, I learned how to use a map  xD , I talked to strangers, I laughed and even flirted. 

I made new friends, people traveling by themselves; I helped people that only knew how to speak french because not many people know how to speak french.  I explored the cities on my own way.

I felt so free. 

Italy is such an amazing country, I will definitely go back since I didn't had the time to visit the south. 

I tried so many vegan options, you can't imagine how much I miss my vegan croissants and my baked potatoes or even the glass of limoncello. 

I even miss taking the metro, and getting on the wrong one... I loved to get lost.... because by getting lost I finally found myself...

Btw if you want to visit any city I suggest you try to see the promotions they have at the train stations, because in some cities they have amazing deals, for example in Milan they have the Milano card for public transports and you have some museums for free and discounts for some other, so definitely check out those promotions at the train stations or at the tourism information. 

Let's talk about the pros and cons of traveling alone: 

Pros :  freedom, cheap, personal growth, EASIER, easier to make new friends, easier to stay on a budget, powerful feeling, build up your confidence

Cons : loneliness, fear, more dangerous

If you haven't tried it yet, you definitely should. This solo trip has really opened up my eyes, I discovered so many things about myself and I really grew up on this trip I became more responsible and mature. I think that thanks to this trip I found myself and realized what really means to me, and I found my place on this world. 

I'm still writing the posts about this trip, but 2 are already out, Milan and Genova ;) 


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