The girl behind the blog...

September 27, 2017

The girl behind the blog...

I think it's time for me to present myself... I'm going to describe myself on the most vague way possible because I want to keep my identity a "secret" for now. 

So, I'm 19 years old and I've been vegan for 2 years now ( I will talk about it on another post). I speak 3 languages; english, french and portuguese, I learned a bit of spanish a couple of years ago and I've been learning german for 6 years now, but I still suck at it. 

I love to travel, because I get to use my english skills and because I just love to see and explore other places. Last spring I went on my first solo trip to Italy and I will definitely talk about another time. I've only visited countries in Europe, but I'm hoping next year I will go maybe to India, we'll see. 

I'm a student, I want to go to college and I'm hoping to study something related to english and maybe even travel. I also would love to study the energy of stones and all the theory behind it. 

I consider myself really creative and I can't keep up with all my ideas, most of them are lost in the process. 

I always wanted to do something related to art but my parents changed my mind. Since I was little I always loved to sing but soon my family told me to give up because I could never make a living out of it. 

I've always loved to write, when I was 13 years old I wrote my first book, I never published it because I don't think it is good enough. I stopped writing as soon as moved out of my native country, I guess the change was a bit brutal and I didn't got along with this country at first, but now I wouldn't go back to my native country, I learned to love this country. 

When I was still in my native country I wrote a lot of lyrics but I stopped writing ever since. 

This year I realized how important writing is to me and how much it means. So I decided to create this blog, I decided to write in english because I didn't want to write in my native language but soon I changed my mind and realized it would be more interesting to write some posts in portuguese and french. 

My posts on this blog are mostly based on my life and things I feel or the trips I did, but I'm thinking of starting maybe a novel or something of the same kind, something fictional. 

More about me ?

I'm addicted to netflix I love to watch series and movies but mostly series. I think watching series made me escape reality...

I had a pretty rough childhood, I went through a very dark place, I was bullied, I hated myself, I hated my body, my hair, my way of being, everything.
When I moved out of my native country things changed I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel and decided there were a lot of things worth living for. 

Hopefully I learned to love myself and now I don't even care about what other people think, my past made me realize that the only opinion I should care about is my own, I'm comfortable enough to go out without makeup or a bras, I'm proud of myself and I hope the confidence I have in myself will never change. 

Last thing I just want to tell anyone that is going through a dark place, forget what other people say, I'm telling you: you are beautiful no matter what !

By the girl hiding behind the blog 


  1. I'm happy for you girl. I was bullied a lot myself, and I sure know how beautiful the light at the end of the tunnel is. May the light shines forever in your heart.

    1. You're so kind , thank you so much and I hope the light shines forever in your heart too


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