I want to thank you

September 24, 2017
Thank you 

This time I'm not here to call you out. I actually want to thank you. 

For real, I lived the most amazing story of all time and I was really happy, even though things didn't go as planned... We both made mistakes and yours broke my heart, but that didn't made my love fade away...

A part of me will always love you, and I still wish you the best. I truly want you to be happy, and I really hope someday we will move past our mistakes and forgive each other. 

I want nothing more than your happiness... And today I want to thank you for being my inspiration for most of my posts. I decided to thank you right now because I think I don't have anything else to tell about us... I'm ready to leave our story behind. 

I think is finally time to change my inspiration. Anyway, I want you to know that you were the love of my life and that's something I will never forget, even though I'm not ready to forgive you for everything you've done. I hope one day I will. 

Thank you for our amazing adventure. You know that I will always be here for you, no matter what you do... I wish you the best, 

I promise you that some things will never be forgotten... 

#Princesa, beija-me outravez, you know exactly what this song meant to us and I just want to confess that, I still remember our promises, our moments, our dreams... but I'm not in love with you anymore, this feeling I felt for so long is finally gone and I moved on, I know you did too and I'm happy for you. 

And now the only thing left are our memories... And those memories will never be forgotten.

Have a good life,

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