30 tv shows to watch on Netflix

August 27, 2017
Tv shows to watch on Netflix

30# Misfits

I honestly liked the first season but after season 4 I stopped watching because I lost interest. 
Even though it is a good tv show, it's about 5 people, they are all doing community work. One day they are stroke by lightning during their community service time and they get powers. The series follow each character trying to manage their powers. 

29# Under the dome

I watched all seasons, but I'll admit the last season was really weird and it's a shame because the first seasons were really good. So this tv show it's based on the best-selling Stephen King novel, it's about a city which is put under a dome, no one can leave and no one can come in. This series follows the struggles of the population of this city and the secrets.

28# From dusk till dawn

This tv show follows the brothers Ricky and Seth Gecko. They are wanted by the police. One day they take hostages to the desert they realize that the town is run by night creatures. Those creatures can't go out after sunrise so the brothers Gecko have to find a way to stay alive until sunrise. I really liked this tv show, Demi Lovato even made an apparence in this show.

27# Iron Fist

This tv show it's based on the comics of the same name. Daniel Rand is a millionaire, when he was still a kid he and his parents had a plane crash and he was the only survivor. He was rescued by the people of the city of K'un-Lun. There he will be taught martial arts and he will become the iron fist. 

26# The defenders

I don't know much about this tv show, I haven't had the time to watch all the episodes but I watched and loved Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron fist separated, so I'm assuming this tv show is great.

25# Luke Cage

It's a tv show based on the comics of the same name, Luke Cage is an inhumain, he was wrongly convicted guilty of a crime. We will see his path from jail to hero.  He had a relationship with Jessica Jones but it didn't work out so he decided to leave and go live a normal life on his city (Harlem) but things don't go as planned and he ended up having to fight for Harlem.

24# DC Legends of tomorrow

This tv show is inspired by the comics and most of the characters were already presented in other shows such as Arrow and the Flash. I felt in love with captain cold's character while watching the Flash, on that show he is one of the bad guys Barry has to fight but he decides to join the legends on a trip to save the world. The legends try to catch a bad guy who is messing with the time so they have to go back in time to try to stop this guy. Rip Hunter formed this team and we will later on discover why he chose them.

23# Daredevil

Daredevil is inspired by the comics of the same name. Murdock is a blind lawyer, during the day he fights on the court of law for the innocent, at night he protects the victims from criminals. He has amazing skills, overdeveloped senses that help him fight crime.

22# The Flash

Another Dc comics tv show, the flash is based on the comics. Barry was a normal science kid until one day he got stroke by lighting and became the fastest man alive. Using his speed he fights crime and helps the police.

21# Arrow

Oliver Queen is a playboy millionaire until one day he goes on a boat trip with his father and girlfriend. Everyone thought that they all died, but Oliver actually ended up on an island so for the next 5 years he had to learn how to survive on that island. One day he decided to come home and start to make justice for his father so he made every criminal pay for what they have done.  

20# Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is another marvel show, Jessica is private investigator and an inhumain. She has super strength and she is sarcastic. Her ex is a mind-controller, she defends all victims of his control.

19# Reign

This tv show is about the life of queen Mary Stewart of Scots, her love story with Francis and her struggles as a queen in France.  She and her four ladies-in-waiting travelled to France to secure the engagement between Mary and Francis.

18# The 100

The 100 is a tv show about a population who immigrated to espace once the earth was no longer habitable. Later on their supplies will start to lack so they send 100 people on earth to see if earth is no longer a danger for humanity. We follow the adventures and struggles of those who arrived on earth.

17# The originals

The characters of this tv show were already presented on the vampire diaries. The originals are a family of the oldest vampires the Mikaelsons and all their adventures through time. It's about their struggles as a family but they always find a way to forgive, and everything they do is for the sake of the family and the promise they made "always and forever". They got back to " their town", New Orleans a longtime ago the city belong to Klaus but now it is ruled by his prodige Marcel.

16# New girl

This is a really funny tv show, Jessica Day just broke up with her boyfriend and now she has no place to live. She goes on Craigslist and finds 3 male roommates. Jess is a teacher and she is extremely awkward but she is really a good friend. She will change their lives forever.

15# iZombie

iZombie it's an amazing show about a doctor, Liv Moore, who became a zombie and started to work at a morgue.  She discovers that by eating brains she has visions of that person's life and also when she is on a brain she has their personality. She helps detective Babineaux solve crimes by eating brains.

14# Scream

This series follow the crazy town of Lakewood. After a violent murder of the past this city faces once again a serial killer.  There a lot of secrets and crazy people. This is the kind of series that will make your head turn.

13# Sense 8

It's a story about 8 strangers from around the world, who suddenly became linked mentally and emotionally. They will try to understand what happen to them. We will find out details about the past of each character and later on we will understand their struggles in the present.

12# Limitless

This tv show is based on a movie of the same name. Brian Finch is a loser but thanks to a pill he becomes a total genius. This drug is called NZT and can make any loser a genius for a couple of hours. When the FBI's learn about Brian's capacities they make him an assistant to help solve crimes.

11# Riverdale

It's a story based on the Archie comics. The serie starts with the investigation of the murder of Jason Blossom. It's about the life of 4 friends : Archie Andrews, Veronica Lodge, Betty Cooper, Jughead Jones. 
Archie Andrews it's son of the constructor Fred Andrews he is a football player and he writes songs based on poems, Jughead is his best friend. He is also Betty's neighbor and her best friend. 
Betty Cooper is the perfect daughter and student, she has a crush on her best friend (Archie Andrews). 
Jughead is a writer, he starts writing a novel about the murder of Jason Blossom, he starts his own investigation. He is like an outsider, he is discreet and sarcastic. He is the narrator of the series.
Veronica Lodge is the new student at Riverdale High School. She moved from New York with her mother because of her father's scandal. She's classy and confident. 
Cheryl Blossom is Jason's  twin sister. She is a rich student and cheerleader of the River Vixens, she is the queen of Riverdale's High school. She is manipulative and mean. 
It's mostly about their family dark secrets, crimes, sex and romance.

10# Orphan Black

This tv show is about human cloning. Sarah Manning was at a train station and out of nowhere saw her doppelgänger commit suicide. After that Sarah finds herself caught up in a deadly conspiracy.
I loved this tv show, it's mysterious and amazing, and the actress who plays all of the clones (Tatiana  Maslany) is extremely talented.

9# The Vampire Diaries

This story is based on the books of the same name, it's about 2 vampires and 1 human. Elena is human she lost her parents in a car crash, Stefan and Damon are vampires. Stefan felt in love with Elena, so did his brother. This love triangle will face a lot of trouble, but the tv show isn't only about that. It's about mythical creatures, friendship, sex, bloodlust, betrayal...
I find this show super addictive and I mostly watched it because of my OTP and Damon's humor.

8# How to get away with murder

This tv show follows the adventures of the students of the legendary criminal defense attorney, Annalise Keating, 4 of which find themselves caught in the middle of a murder so they have to use everything they learn from Annalise to cover their tracks. After that everything changes for those students...
I really loved this show there is so much mystery and secrets to be uncover it's really a good show, I will definitely rewatch it.

7# Teen wolf

Scott McCall is a total normal student until one day he gets bitten by a werewolf and becomes one. He tries to kept his change as a secret with the help of Stiles Stilinski his sarcastic best friend.

6# Pretty little liars

After the disappearance of their best friend, Alison Dilaurentis, the 4 girls distance themselves. Until one day they all receive the same text at the same time and it was signed by -A so they assumed it was Alison but at the same time they thought it was impossible. This tv show is about all of the secrets of the 4 girls and the mysterious vanish of Alison. They will do anything to keep their secrets buried.
One of the best shows I've ever watched.

5# Black mirror 

I don't even know how to resume this tv show.. one word mind-blowning

4# Narcos

This tv show is about the life of the notorious drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar. From his debuts till his fall.

3# Breaking bad

After being diagnosed with cancer a chemistry teacher, Walter White, decides to start to cock meth with one of his former students, Jesse Pinkman to leave money for his family.

2# 13 Reasons why

It's a show based on the book of Jay Asher. It's about rape, suicide and school harassment. It starts with the suicide of Hannah Baker. She was the new kid at school, she was bullied and she didn't get the help she needed so she killed herself and left 13 audio tapes for the people who led her to kill herself. During the first season we discover Hannah's side of the history by listening the tapes she left, we listened to this tapes at the same time as Clay.  Clay worked at the movies with Hannah they didn't talked much only at work even if they were in the same class. The show will continue for another season even after all the bad press.

1# Dear white people 

This show is amazing, it shows that even now racism is present everywhere. The series follows a group of African-American students who decide to fight racism and social injustice their own way.


  1. I have seen quite a lot of these shows I especially loved jessica Jones and defenders they were fab. Suits is another great show on Netflix

    1. After I finish every show I started I'm definitely going to watch Suits :) thanks

  2. Thank you for this. I spend so much time on Netflix trying to figure out what to watch that sometimes I end up watching nothing. I'm not kidding haha

  3. I wish we had some of these on the canadian netflix! Some great shows here though! thanks for sharing!

  4. Adoro Pretty Little Liars! Estava à procura de séries! Obrigada

  5. Oi tudo bem?
    Gostei muito do seu post principalmente dessa seleção de programas que vc compartilhou eu adorei beijinhos.

    1. Ola, Sim tudo bem e contigo? muito obrigado :D beijinhos

  6. Algumas das suas indicações eu já assisti, como Orphan Black (maravilhosa) e 13 reasons Why. Eu tava pensando no que ver e acho que vou começar Dear Withe People. Tem só uma temporada, né? Tô querendo ver algo mais curtinho agora.

    Vidas em Preto e Branco

    1. Obrigado pelo teu comentário 😊 e sim so tem uma temporada, se assitires a serie diz me depois o que achaste 😘


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