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July 17, 2017
Series to watch

New shows 2016-17:

The bold type

This tv show has just started a couple of weeks ago and it's inspired by the life of Joanna Coles Cosmopolitan editor. It's about the life of 3 powerful women working for the Scarlet magazine. This serie explores the voice, the life and the relationships of 3 intelligent women. Scarlet it's a feminist magazine most topics are about women, women's pleasure and women strength. The lidding cast are 3 women trying to find their identity and their place at Scarlet.  

When we rise

It takes place in the U.S and it shows the struggles of the LGBT people through the years. It shows the battles that many people fought for the U.S Civil Rights.  It shows mostly the struggle 4 individuals fighting for their rights: Cleve Jones, Roma Guy, Diane Jones and Ken Jones.
Each of their stories is different and reliable. Roma starts fighting for women's rights and she also tries to find safe places for women. Cleve firstly fights for gay's rights and then LGBT's rights, he takes part of some demonstrations but he will mostly fight politically


It's a story based on the Archie comics. The serie starts with the investigation of the murder of Jason Blossom. It's about the life of 4 friends : Archie Andrews, Veronica Lodge, Betty Cooper, Jughead Jones. 
Archie Andrews it's son of the constructor Fred Andrews he is a football player and he writes songs based on poems, Jughead is his best friend. He is also Betty's neighbor and her best friend. 
Betty Cooper is the perfect daughter and student, she has a crush on her best friend (Archie Andrews). 
Jughead is a writer, he starts writing a novel about the murder of Jason Blossom, he starts his own investigation. He is like an outsider, he is discreet and sarcastic. He is the narrator of the series.
Veronica Lodge is the new student at Riverdale High School. She moved from New York with her mother because of her father's scandal. She's classy and confident. 
Cheryl Blossom is Jason's  twin sister. She is a rich student and cheerleader of the River Vixens, she is the queen of Riverdale's High school. She is manipulative and mean. 
It's mostly about their family dark secrets, crimes, sex and romance.

13 reasons why

It's a show based on the book of Jay Asher. It's about rape, suicide and school harassment. It starts with the suicide of Hannah Baker. She was the new kid at school, she was bullied and she didn't get the help she needed so she killed herself and left 13 audio tapes for the people who led her to kill herself. During the first season we discover Hannah's side of the history by listening the tapes she left, we listened to this tapes at the same time as Clay.  Clay worked at the movies with Hannah they didn't talked much only at work even if they were in the same class. The show will continue for another season even after all the bad press. 


It's a tv show about the life of the devil, he got bored in hell so he decided to take a vacation in Los Angeles. He owns a nightclub (Lux). He helps the police fight crime with his telepathic abilities but at the same time he solves some problems of his own.  He is funny, charismatic, charming and handsome, Lucifer Morningstar. This tv show is mostly about crime, murder, sex, love, desires and of course the devil.


It's a tv show about female university students involved in a restrained elite. It starts with 2 best friends Holly and Georgia, Georgia decides to join the elite and Holly is worried about her. The girls from the elite are chosen but Jude McDermid. Jude fights for feminism and shows women how to be as successful as her. Holly doesn't want to be part of the group. The show is about crimes, secrets, rape and death.


It's a marvel show based on the comics of the same name. It is the story of a troubled boy, David Haller. He is diagnosed as schizophrenic, he will spend most of his life in psychiatric hospitals. One day he finds out that maybe there is more to his schizophrenia. He mets a girl at one of the psychiatric  hospitals and that's how his adventure starts, because of her he will question his mental disease. 
It's mostly about David's powers and his journey to learn how to control them.


It's about a con artist, Maddie. She is beautiful and has a gift to make anyone fall in love with her. She married Ezra Bloom and when she left him he couldn't handle it because he was deeply in love with her. She married him and one day she left him a link to a website and on that website there was a video that she made telling him to move on and to stop looking for her because he wouldn't find her. She stole all of his money and it looks like he wasn't her first victim. He won't listen to her advice and will look for her.

Dead of summer
Dead of summer takes place on a summer camp. A group of young adults is responsible for the children. Weird things start to happen and what it was supposed to be a fun vacation turns into a weird and scary summer. Love stories, fun activities and a lot of killing and mysteries. 

It's 2016 Raimy Sullivan a police detective finds an old radio, and a weird thing happens she can actually talk to someone through the ham radio, that someone is her dead father, Frank Sullivan. Frank Sullivan died in 1996. They decide to work together to find out what happened and will try to change history, and they end up solving crimes together and trying to figure out their complicated relationship.

The crown 

It's about Queen Elizabeth's life, her struggles, her battles, her family and her strength.

Wynona Earp 

It's based on the IDW comics, the series is about the life of Wynona Earp the great-granddaughter of Wyatt Earp. She fights demons and keeps the city safe without anyone knowing.


It's about the murder of Grace's roommate. Grace becomes the prime suspect as the series goes on we discover dark secrets and the way her roommate died and the reason why she was murdered. We see Grace trying to prove she is innocent. It's about lies, betrayal, love and murder.

No tomorrow

It's about living everyday like it is your last. Every episode it's about one or more activities written on a bucket list. Evie is a boring manager, but then she met Xavier. Xavier is the unexpected he is always doing crazy things. The thing Evie doesn't know is that he only acts like that because he thinks the apocalypse is coming.


It's about the life of Ginny Baker, the first woman to play in the Major Leagues. We see her struggle as a woman in a team of guys, we see the team's reaction. It's about woman power, sex, appearances, love triangles, betrayals and of course baseball.


  1. I've watched Riverdale, Pitch, No tomorrow,Clique, Impostors, Lucifer and 13 reasons why. I loved all of them which must mean that you have awesome taste! Will check out the rest.

  2. I will need to check some of these out...some sound very interesting! Thanks for the post!

    1. Thank you, hope you like the series and let me know what you thought of those series :)

  3. I've been looking for a good show to watch. I love mysteries so I will definitely be watching one of these soon. thanks!

    1. Thank you, enjoy and let me know what you've thought of those shows :)

  4. Je connais certaines de ces séries de nom seulement. Je pense qu'une grande partie de ta sélection pourrait me plaire au vu des résumés donc je te remercie pour ces découvertes.


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