July 21, 2017

Second destination

Day 1 : 

I caught the train from Genova to Milan at 10am, because most trains were already full so I had to wait at train station for my train, I ate breakfast at a little café and went on the internet to decide what I was going to do once I got to Milan. I stayed 3 days at Milan. 
Once I arrived at Milan train station I had to get a card to travel around on the subway. I had to take 2 subways to get to the hostel, then I left my backpack there and went to the Duomo. I went to the Novecento museum and admired the art of the 20th century. After that I went to the train station to get tickets to the hop on and hop off bus, after that I went shopping then I visited the Duomo chapel and regretted not to pay a little more for the elevator. I watched a group of dancers. 
I looked for the middle finger sculpture and after a couple of hours I ended up finding it, after that I went to café and chilled for an hour, then I ate and went home.

Day 2 

I took the touristic bus and explored the city, I went shopping I bought some souvenirs and a gift for my sister. I took the subway and explore some villages. I went to the castle of Sforza and visited for a bit then I went to Milano Cardona station. I ate a cupcake and then I bought some things. 

Day 3 :

I did mostly the same as the day 2, I took the bus and stopped at some interesting stops. I ate at a fancy restaurant, I ate baked potatoes and a salad with some italian dressing. I went shopping and bought some more souvenirs I even bought a charger for my phone. 

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