Getting over your ex

July 17, 2017
Forth chapter 

Let's admit it getting over someone you loved it's the hardest thing to do even if you have every reason to hate that person. 
It hurts to see that they have moved on and you're still holding on to something that ended a longtime ago. Just so you know you're not alone... It took me a longtime and a lot of tears to get over my ex but I did. It was the hardest thing I've ever done but I had to realize I deserve better
When we broke up I blocked him and he blocked me, so we wouldn't be tented to talk. I started to go out more often with my friends trying to forget what he had done. I went on a solo trip to Italy, it kept me occupied so I didn't think that much about him. 
But then he started to go out with someone else... and it hurt so much, all the effort I had put to forget him was pointless at that point. 
I did everything to keep myself occupied, I started to write again to draw.. and it actually kept me occupied and I wasn't thinking about him anymore. 
At that point I had realized that there are a lot of guys out there so there is no point to cry over an idiot. I started to plan my next trip. 
My advice for anyone who wants to forget someone is don't stalk that person, I did at first and it was awful, because I was always wondering what he was doing and where he was. So at one point I stopped stalking and started to live my life. 
Our break up was a couple of months before my final exams so actually I ended up studying a lot and got my diploma. 
The thing is I had to stop wondering what my life could had been with him and started to live my new adventure. I learned to live a life without him and I feel better than ever I just wished I had realized sooner that I never needed him in my life, I only needed to finally find myself.

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