July 19, 2017

First destination 

Last spring I went on my first solo trip. My destination? Italy, in 2 weeks I visited around 9 cities. I have to admit it was the best experience of my life and I hope to go on another solo trip sometime soon.
I didn't plan everything in advance, I only booked the hostels because I didn't wanted to worry about that once I was there.

I landed in Pisa, waited about 15 minutes to take a bus to go to the train station, but the train station was really close so I could have just walked.

Once there I had to buy a ticket to go to Genova, it was really hard because they didn't understand my request but I managed to buy the ticket anyway.. after a couple of hours I arrived, I had to get a ticket to go the hostel to check-in, I arrived at the nearest bus station nd then I didn't know where to go next, so I asked 2 lovely ladies and they showed me where it was. I really have a positive opinion about italians, these 2 ladies stopped what they were doing to help me get to the hostel most people wouldn't do that.
I got to the hostel, checked in, left my backpack and went explore. 
I went to the train station of genova, and started looking for a place to eat I was already hungry, I found a restaurant with a vegan burger so I decided to try it out, truth is I didn't like it but the staff was so kind to me. I went shopping and watched a free concert. 
I explore a little after that and then I went to the hostel.

Day 2- I got up at 7am and took the train to Monterosso one of the cinque terre villages. I went hiking for 2 hours and then I gave up, I was super tired so I went back to Genova. I took a couple of pictures before leaving of course. I bought an ice cream, and it was the best vegan ice cream I've ever eaten.

I explored a pirates boat and then I went on like an elevator to see the city from above and at the same time heard facts about the city. I went to the harbour and took some pictures then I explored a little more then I went to a garden and after that I went to a restaurant and the restaurant had a black out I waited for 1h and then I gave up and went to macdonald's and bought french fries and a salad. After eating I explored the city by night took some pictures and then went to the hostel because I had to get up early to leave for my next destination .

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